Indoor air pollution is a common concern for homeowners. Most people spend a majority of time indoors. The air you breathe in your home significantly impacts your overall health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, air quality in your home is typically dirtier than outside. This dirty air you breathe is caused by several culprits:

-Mold spores
-Clogged vents
-Dirty furniture

Many health issues are linked to breathing in these irritating pollutants. Symptoms include allergy-like symptoms, agitated eyes, a runny/stopped-up nose and sneezing or coughing. More serious problems grow to include respiratory infections. Children and elderly family members are more susceptible to these issues, however everyone living in your home can be adversely affected.

If you suspect your home has poor air quality, contact the home restoration specialists at ERS right away. We improve your indoor air quality by eliminating all the dust, dirt and mold accumulating in your home. We have several ways of improving your air quality.


Dust often accumulates in your ventilation ducts, causing clogs. When this happens, your vents blow the dust and irritating particles throughout your home. The ERS team has the knowledge and equipment to effectively clean these hard to reach spaces – thoroughly cleaning your ducts out. Once cleared, your ventilation will only circulate clean air through your home.


Over time, bed mattresses collect a lot of dust. As the dust builds up, your health goes down. ERS provides professional mattress cleaning services, giving your bed the deep clean it needs. Not only will we clean your mattresses, we’re also able to extend these services to your upholstery and carpets too. Afterwards, not only will your mattress, furniture and carpets be dust free, they’ll look like new.


Not only will mold contribute to poor health conditions, its growth causes damage to your home. Over time, contaminated sites deteriorate until they ultimately need to be replaced – a costly fix. Our highly skilled, IICRC-certified technicians will detect where mold is growing in your home, effectively eradicating it while remediating its effects on your health.

Your health is important and we’ll help you protect it. Let us improve your indoor living space with our award-winning cleanings and customer service. Become one of our many satisfied customers and receive superior value.

Contact the Wind Lake air quality specialists at ERS and make your home dirt, dust and mold free today.
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