ERS Cleaning Service is the number one Wisconsin area cleaning service for all of your collective restoration needs. We currently cover the entire southeastern Wisconsin area, and even provide our famous 24/7, around the clock, emergency services for those who are facing a potential crisis. Our reputation speaks for itself, and our unparalleled customer satisfaction acts as a staple for the quality of our work.


In recent years the number of total indoor pets has skyrocketed off the charts. As a result, many new and first-time homeowners are finding themselves about to move into an improperly cleaned home that still has some residual foul pet odors, stains, and hair. Have no fear, this is where our team of experts enters the scene to save the day. We will professionally disinfect, clean, and eliminate any unsightly pet stains and odors from the previous owners as well as clean out your air ducts. Current pet owners, have us come out from time to time and give your house a thorough cleaning. Pets shed causing not only a dirty home, but your air duct’s filter is not able to keep up with all of that extra strain on the system. When this happens your HVAC system is up to 20% less energy efficient, and the monthly power bill is much more costly than it needs to be.


ERS Carpet Cleaning’s professional cleaning and restoration services are not only limited to residential homes. We frequently clean both small and highly-established commercial businesses. The best part is that our crews are so minimally invasive, we promise that you will not have to close your business for a single second while we do our thing. Many of our customers have even commented that they barely even knew our technicians were there! A vibrant, fresh smelling, business with spotless carpeting and healthy, particle-free, clean air is guaranteed to leave a positive impression on any potential customer.


Anyone in the Sussex and southeastern Wisconsin area seeking more information about the benefits of professional cleaning and interior restoration services should call one of our expertly trained staff members today!

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