Oconomowoc are residents who are considering cleaning their upholstery, carpet, or air ducts by themselves should highly consider using a professional cleaning service instead. Not only will your home or business wind up looking cleaner in the end, but you will save yourself a massive amount of frustration and the potential for property damage. Improper cleaning techniques can result in badly mangled or even horrific damage that is beyond the point of repair. Our trained technicians are highly skilled in the newest, and least abrasive cleaning methods. We exactly what sort of attention your carpet or upholstery needs, and guarantee that we will deliver results that will be well beyond your initial expectations.


All upholstery materials, including leather, require regular cleanings in order to maintain both their appearance and longevity. If you improperly maintain these surfaces by using too much heat, the wrong cleaning chemicals, or other improper cleaning methods you may find yourself looking at a completely destroyed piece of expensive furniture. Before you wind up throwing out half of your home’s furniture in the dumpster either because it’s destroyed or disgustingly dirty, consider having a professional service like ERS carpet cleaning come to your home. Our crews are professional in appearance, and the best part is they are so quite you will barely even know they are there. In addition we promise to work diligently with your schedule in order to work around whatever you have planned.


Carpet and upholstery cleaning are not our only two specialties. We also offer exceptional air duct cleaning services. Having clean air ducts not only increases your homes energy efficiency, it also results fewer microscopic allergens and other dust particles in the air. It is highly advised that homeowners, particularly those who own pets, should have their ducts professionally cleaned once each year in the spring prior to allergy season. Our prices remain competitive, so if money is the issue have no fear. We are here to leave you feeling satisfied without disemboweling your wallet.


For those seeking duct cleaning, upholstery restoration, or any of our other cleaning services, feel free to contact an ERS Carpet Cleaning associate today!

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