If you are sick at looking at health hazardous, filthy, and overall disgusting carpets there is no need to get out the utility knives and start scrapping. ERS Carpet Cleaning’s staff of professionals has both the training and equipment necessary to restore your carpet back to like-new condition. We utilize the latest in cleaning technology that is lightyears ahead of your simple carpet steamers available for rent at most any local rental shop. We know exactly how much moisture to use on your specific types of carpets, have techniques for getting into all the hard to reach areas (particularly those pesky corners), and our crews are so subtle that many of our customers never even realize that our technicians are there!


ERS is not only limited to carpet cleaning. We offer a wide range of cleaning services we can perform while we are in the area. Bathroom tile is notorious for building up mold and scum between tiles that is impossible to clean using conventional methods. Not only is this buildup of gunk disgusting, but it will also leave your tile and grout discolored. This is where our crews come in and restore your bathroom or other area’s tile back to pristine condition.

Furniture looking dirty, ratty, and old? One of our specialties actually is upholstery cleaning. Many homeowners who try to clean their own upholstery end up with a damaged product. So save yourself time, money, and a massive headache and have the professionals pay your home a visit. We can even take care of your pesky leather furniture with no problems at all!

Depending on what exactly you choose to do on your mattress, it will get dirty over the years. Dust buildup, skin cells, and other revolting particles can build up over the years. Do you really want to find yourself sleeping amongst all of that every single night? Many of our customers do not realize that we offer speedy and efficient mattress cleanings.

Don’t forget we also offer air duct cleanings, mold removal, and pet odor/stain removal from any interior surface.


Lisbon, WI area residents looking for a professional cleaning service that gets the job done right on the very first visit should contact one of our expertly trained staff members today!

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