Norm’s hosting an upcoming party at his Hales Corners home on Friday, and almost made the highly overlooked mistake of not cleaning his furniture first! Since his image and reputation are on the line, he wants to make the best impression possible. One of the first things his guests will judge him by when they arrive is how his place looks. He knows it won’t look good if they see his sofa covered in stains, grime, and dog hair. The same goes for Norm’s carpets too.

If he’s going to make his upholstery look as great as possible, why not get them professionally cleaned before his party? He’d receive fast responding, effective upholstery cleaning services taking years of stains and mileage off his sofa. Same goes for the other furniture too. Plus, when Norm contacts the award-winning cleaning specialists at ERS Carpet Cleaning, he can have these services AT ANYTIME!


ERS is Milwaukee’s top carpet cleaning service, available 24/7, all year long. When Norm makes the call, even if it’s at 10pm on a holiday, our friendly staff will get back to him within the hour and hurry to his location. When we clean the furniture in Norm’s home or yours, we use the latest industry leading technology, ensuring the deepest clean possible.

So Norm made the call to us and we came over delivering the A+ rated service we’re known for, as rated by the Better Business Bureau. When his guests arrived for the party, their jaws dropped. Not in horror at unsightly furniture but in amazement at how great his home looked. They’re impressed and Norm is remembered for how immaculate his place looks – and for knowing how to throw a party too.

Now Norm knows who to go to after the party to clean after the guests. Make your furniture look as good as new like Norm did with professional upholstery cleaning services at affordable prices from ERS Carpet Cleaning. ERS also offers water damage and tile restoration services for added polish too.

Contact the Hales Corners upholstery cleaning experts at ERS Carpet Cleaning and get ready for your next shindig today.
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