Don’t let your ventilation system slip into uncleanliness! Over time, dust piles up in your ducts. As it collects it starts to blow throughout your home. You don’t want the air you breathe on a daily basis to be saturated with dust. For those with allergies, breathing in dust will aggravate their condition. Small children could suffer the effects of dirty breathing air too.

Not only does dirt build-up in your ducts decrease the quality of your health, it ruins your heating and air conditioning for your home too. It doesn’t take much dust to block these systems and bring down the quality of what they could do to heat/cool your home.

It’s said a penny of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In this case it’s true. You can avoid these health risks and heating/cooling failures and the expensive fees they incur. All you have to do is call Emergency Restoration Specialists.


ERS offers duct cleaning as part of our wide selection of restoration services. Using sophisticated technology, we’ll clean out all the ducts in your ventilation system and free them from any dust or obstructions causing problems with your breathing air.

By cleaning out the ducts ERS can improve air flow. We also aim to save you money by preventing any malfunctions with both the ventilation and heating/air conditioning systems. Soon after we remove the air pollution in your home, you will notice the difference in breathing.

Wonderful service all across the board, I was very satisfied, I would definitely recommend and I will be using them again in the spring” –Dianna H., satisfied Milwaukee customer

We have a long list of satisfied customers, each with their own home restoration testimonial, praising our carpet, furniture and duct cleaning services. Our Cudahy-based carpet cleaning company serves more than just Bayview, Oak Creek, or South Milwaukee. We serve all of Southeast Wisconsin.


Over time dust, dirt, and lint blow into your ventilation and begin to collect. When enough of this dust collects it starts clogging up the vents and creating problems. Here are issues caused by dirty vents:

Polluted air: Your ducts blow the air you breathe throughout your home. When this air is mixed with dust, dirt, and mold, it means you’re breathing in all of these pollutants.

Obstructed Air Conditioning/Heating: When a vent is completely clogged, hot or cold air isn’t allowed to reach its destination. This means rooms in the house will feel disproportionately hot or cold to other sections of the home.

Mold: When moisture comes into contact with the built-up lint it leaves fertile ground for mold growth. As mold grows in the vents, it blows to rooms throughout your home. Prolonged exposure to mold leads to respiratory illness.

Fire Risk: When enough lint has collected in your vents, it becomes a considerable fire hazard. If any lint were to catch on fire, this flame would spread throughout your ventilation and through your home.

It’s good to keep your ducts clean to prevent any one of these hazards from negatively impacting your life.

If you have a duct emergency, call us anytime. Since we know emergencies don’t work with a Monday to Friday 9-5 workweek, we’re available every day, 24/7 to help you. Just call our toll free number at 414-236-4040. Our skilled, IICRC-certified technicians will be there shortly after talking with you to take care of your problem. Your emergency is our emergency.

If you want your ducts clean and your breathing air restored to its original cleanliness, there’s only one name to remember: ERS Carpet Cleaning.

Contact the Bay View air duct cleaning professionals at ERS Carpet Cleaning to improve your air quality today.
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