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ERS Carpet Cleaning is known across SE Wisconsin for quality of workmanship and fast response times. Whether you need emergency carpet cleaning or regular maintenance, we’re your carpet cleaner. Here’s why ERS is better:

  • We actually clean your carpets – you’re looking online because someone else did shoddy work. It ends here.
  • We stay out of your way – you won’t come into work to find carpet cleaners blocking off your entrances or otherwise interrupting your business.
  • We’re fast and thorough – we get in, do outstanding work, then get out, and it dries off quick because we use more powerful equipment.
  • We look sharp – your customers, visitors, or tenants etc. won’t have to witness a technician who looks messier than your carpets.

ERS' Restoration Services

Large offices have a lot of foot traffic and this tracks in a lot of dirt, dust and grime. When there is a build-up of these elements in an enclosed work environment it starts to take its toll on your employees. Allergies begin to flare up, people start to get sick and those who do pass it on to others in the office. Sick days can arise and then your business risks losing productivity.

When you hire ERS to clean your office carpets, we utilize our top-of-the-line equipment to give them the deepest clean possible. Once we’re finished, the dust and dirt will be removed and the chances of illness will be greatly reduced as will the sick days. We also offer ventilation cleaning and mold removal services to reduce the air pollution in your office and keep the employees as healthy as possible.

How to Choose the Right Carpet Cleaning Company

Being in charge of commercial real estate presents its own unique challenges. In example, if a property manager were to go to work one day to discover all of the lower level tenants in her complex have flooding in their apartments. An emergency like this would need special attention. So this property manager takes the smart approach, she begins looking for the best carpet cleaning and restoration service in the area.

But how do you go about finding the best carpet cleaner? How do you avoid paying more money for lower quality work?

7 Questions to Ask Any Carpet Cleaning Company:

  1. “Do you guarantee your services in writing?” A written contract will ensure they follow through on their guarantees.
  2. “Do you offer written estimates?” You want to know exactly how much you will be spending before a job begins to avoid any unforeseen costs in the future.
  3. “Do you use a truck-mounted system?” Anything less than a truck-mounted unit may be no more effective than a typical vacuum cleaner.
  4. “Are your technicians certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC)?” The equivalent to a degree in carpet cleaning.
  5. “Can you provide references from satisfied clients?” Quality carpet cleaning services should be able to provide references from past clients.
  6. “Are you a member of Angie’s List?” Angie’s List is a service listing and review site that offers user-based rankings and reviews of service professionals in local areas.
  7. “Are your technicians insured?” You don’t want to be held liable for his or her injuries.

The property manager, without hesitation, called the best carpet cleaners in the greater Milwaukee area: ERS Carpet Cleaning.

Emergency Carpet Cleaning for Affordable Rates

ERS offers emergency services 24/7. No time is off limits when it comes to helping you with your disasters. Not only do we guarantee our services in writing, we 100% guarantee your satisfaction on them. Otherwise you receive a full refund.

You can expect to receive an estimate from our IICRC-certified and insured specialists before we start cleaning. If additional services are required on your cleaning, we will always notify you and ask for your approval before commencing with them.

Our truck-mounted cleaning system will provide you with the best deep-cleaning effect your carpet needs. After the cleaning is finished and the carpet is dry, we’ll show you what we’ve done to see if it meets your satisfaction.

Angie’s List gave ERS Carpet Cleaning the Super Service Award in 2014 for being the best carpet cleaners in Southeast Wisconsin. Check out what our past customers had to say about us either here or on Angie’s List itself.

Best Carpet Cleaner in Milwaukee

So back to the property manager and the case of the flooded apartment complex. ERS came and cleaned up the carpets in each of the flooded apartments. They were able to save a lot of furniture which would have otherwise been ruined. Some apartments were actually cleaner now than they were before the flood.

If your commercial establishment is hit by an unforeseen disaster and you need your carpets cleaned or your upholstery restored…

Contact the Milwaukee commercial restoration specialists at ERS Carpet Cleaning at 414-236-4040 today!
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